Albert George Ernest White
1927 - 2007

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Albert at home in Swanley, in the mid-sixties Archive: 664 - Albert at home in Swanley, in the mid-sixties
Albert was the husband of Renee White née Rockliffe.

His sister was Gwen. In the Electoral Roll for 1953 below, we see Gwen as married to a Conald Marlow and they are also living in Viaduct Buildings.

Living there also (at number 26) was Albert's stepmother Annie White. She had a daughter Patsy. His biological mother (née Dorothy Turner) died at age 29.

Masons Dinner Archive: 817 [David E Rockliffe Collection]
Albert was active in the Masons and attended frequent dinners. Here is one such occasion and the people seen are, left to right:

Alvert White and David Rockliffe on the beach Archive:814 - Is that Renee in the background?

Archive: 815

small pic of Peter
Peters note