David Edward Rockliffe 1931 - 2020

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Uncle Dave as a young boy
Archive: 1023 - circa 1980s

I always knew him as my Uncle Dave but he was the son of Kitty’s sister Alice Mary so he is actually my cousin. Alice Mary died in 1947 when Dave was just sixteen

During the war David was evacuated to Newbury, staying with a Mrs Shelton. She would have been paid 10/- (50p) a week for having an evacuee. David left home at eighteen when his father, David, re-married so Uncle Dave went to live in Dombey Street with Kitty.

In 1948 the family lived in Rawstorne Street. British History Online have a nice map here showing the street

In 1949 Dave married Mary Elizabeth Savage and they had two boys Peter and John and a daughter Linda. They lived in a flat in Drury Lane and later above a shop in Grays Inn Road.  They later divorced.

He once worked for Traceys the funeral directors. This was the firm that arranged the burial of Nonty Binning and Dave's sister, Renee.

In 1970 Dave was married Marie Patricia Brock. Sadly she died of cancer in 1976.  After this Dave was with his partner Maggie for many years.

Finsbury Rangers

Dave played for a local football team, the Finsbury Rangers. In one of these pictures (945a) you can also see Albert White, Dave's brother-in-law.

The Team 945, Team positions 945a and the full programme 945b

Archive: 825 Dave and Marie
small pic of Peter
Peters note