Conald Stuart Marlow 1928 - 2008

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Conald Marlow's wedding to Margaret Donovan in 1974 Archive: 1024 [Courtesy of S Kirkham]
Conald comes into our story because he married Uncle Albert's sister Gwen

They had two children, Kelvyn (born circa 1950) and a daughter (born circa 1947) who was later given up for adoption

I met Conald at Uncle Albert's funeral in 2007 but he sadly died a year later. Conald's brother committed suicide

This a photo of Kelvyn Marlow's wedding to Margaret Donovan in 1974 - in Enfield, Middx. Margaret is dressed in light green.

3rd from the left, front row - Kelvyn's dad - Conald Marlow.

4th from left, front row- Kelvyn's mum - Gwendoline Marlow, née White - Albert White's sister

3rd from right, front row - Annie White - Albert White's and Gwen's stepmother

2nd row - Renee White (née Rockliffe) is to the right of Conald Marlow.

Bob White (with moustache), (younger brother of Albert White and Aunty Gwen) is behind Albert White To the right of him. Uncle Bob's wife, Vera, is in the back row - you can only just see her hair (grey) behind my mum

Doris Turner (wife of Albert White's cousin, Harry Turner) is 3rd from right in 3rd row (in dark glasses). Harry Turner is just visible, peeping out behind Kelvyn