1921  = this person has information from the 1921 Census

Note different spellings of this name have been used in the past e.g. Rockliff, Rachliffe etc.

Rachliffe, Francis.
Rockliff, Charles b1815
Rockliff, Francis b1839
Rockliffe, Albert Edward
Rockliffe, Annie Rebecca b1878
Rockliffe, Annie Rebecca b1888
Rockliffe, David Edward
Rockliffe, David Thomas (Pop)
Rockliffe, E Albert (Uncle Ted)
Rockliffe, Eleanor Catherine
Rockliffe, Elizabeth Caroline
Rockliffe, Isabella Grace
Rockliffe, Linda M
Rockliffe, Margaret 1921
Rockliffe, Margaret Emma
Rockliffe, May Lilian
Rockliffe, Renee Alice
Rockliffe, Ronnie
Rockliffe, Tommy
Rockliffe, William Frederick
Rockliffe, William Henry (Tiny)