David Thomas(Pop) Rockliffe 1903 - 1984

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Pop Rockliffe with Uncle Bob and young David Rockliffe Archive: ANC042 - David with son and Bob Peterson
David was married to Alice Mary Peterson who was Kitty's elder sister. He worked as a chef.

Here we see him on the left, with Kitty's brother Bob Peterson, along with his young son, also called David(who is now is my Uncle Dave).

He was discharged from the Army and then worked for Vickers Armstrong as a police sergeant in Newbury

According to Mum's Memories this was likely taken in 1936 so young David would be about five years old.

Alice Mary died at the young age of 41. David went on to marry Mary K Gouldesbrough

Peter Rockliffe has a page about David, (who was his granddad) and David's two children Renee and David Edward.

Here are a couple of places where David and family lived

Archive: 771 - Owens Row
Archive: 772 - Rawstorne Buildings

Archive: 1911 Census [328], in deckchairs [685], Skipwith Buildings 1926 [731], Skipwith Buildings 1929 [732], 204 Hornsey Road 1929 [733], with young Renee also in 685 [676], Looking very smart [394], as a chef at Hotel [397], 1947 at Owens Row [311], Masons dinner [999], dancing with Mary [321], with his son David E and twins John and Paul early 1980 [881], Royal Artillery (Discharge?) [882].