Betterton Street

Willie Higgs and Fanny Leach - at the time of their marriage at No. 7 [101]


Their daughter Frides Adelaide Annie Higgs was born here in 1892 [009]

Devonshire Street


Devonshire Street is south of Regents Park and is today a very expensive area in which to live. In 1905 Willie lived here at number 43 with his second wife, Emma. Here is the Baptism of the second child Richard, who was born the same year. At that time there was also the daughter, Elizabeth [010].


Harry Archibald Foley lived at number 14 in 1911 This was at the time of his marriage to Mary Binning (Kittys sister) [118]

Dombey Street (East Street)

East Street was renamed to Dombey Street in 1936 so anyone living in East Street in this list will show as at Dombey Street.

The renaming took place in 1936 and the date is quoted here on the website of University College London (UCL).

1915 - No. 19 - Harry Charles Higgs was born here in when it was still named East Street  [004]

1926 - Richard Edward Higgs was 19 when he lived here at the time of his marriage in 1926 [113]

1907 - The mysterious Frederick W Higgs was born at number 36 in   1907 [001]

1909 - Rosina Higgs born here [011]

1932 - Frederick William Higgs in 1932 [112] and Willie Hull Higgs in 1936 [203]

1937 - Archibald Edward Peterson lived at number 18 at the time of his marriage in 1937 [110]

1939 - The 1939 General Register shows the Higgs and Peterson families living next door to each other at numbers 19 and 18 respectively  [831]

William Francis Peterson was 34 and still living at home here at number 18 in  1942 [122]

Drury Lane

1889 - At number 122 lived Cissy Higgs [036]

Eagle Street

1887 - John Dowling was related to Violet Dowling who married 'Big' Harry Higgs [220]

1937 Lilian Maud Curtis who later married Archibald Peterson

Photos and map are here

Endell Street

1865 - Willie Hull Higgs [013] was born here

Gloucester Street

1903 - Willie Hull Higgs and his second wife Emma Georgina Rosson are shown as living here at the time of their Register Office marriage.  Willie is working as a brick-layer and Emma a newsagent.

Great Ormond Street


Kitty was born here on 28th June. The birth was registered about a week later on 8th August. She was the third child of Edward John Peterson and Alice Peterson (née Binning) who had gotten married five years earlier.

Harford Street

1878 - Edward John Peterson was born here. He was Kitty's father. This was in Bedminster, Bristol where his father, Edward Lawrence, was employed as a 'Telegraph Engineer';

Harpur Mews

None of the family lived here. It is just a short dead-end street, just off Dombey Street, where both the Higgs and Peterson families lived for some time.

A street party was held here to celebrate the silver jubilee of the King George V in May 1935 and there are a couple of photos on this site of that party. In this one we can see a very young David Rockliffe. A cross drawn on the photo marks him out.

Harrison Street

1915 - Annie Walker is shown as living at No. 77 004 I think the witness in the birth certificate of Harry Higgs was his sister Frides, known as Annie who would be 23 years old at the time the birth was registered.

1932 - Lilian Louise Pedder was at No. 107 when she married the mysterious Fred Higgs in 1932 112

Kirk Street

1942 - Alice Elizabeth Nash was at No. 15 when she married William Francis Peterson (Uncle Bob as he was known). The marriage certificate shows Alice worked as a Post Office sorter at that time.

Map here

There's no evidence on this website but I do remember mum telling me her and Harry moved out of Dombey Street and went to live in Kirk Street. I believe they were only there for a short time as by 1950 they had moved into Ely Place, London EC1

Lambs Conduit Street

1912 - Harry's father Willie, married twice. A daughter from the first marriage was Frides Adelaide Annie Higgs, so was Harry's step-sister. At the age of 19 she married into the Walker family and is shown as living at number 85.

1942 - Harry Higgs was here at number 42 at the time of his marriage to Kitty 100

1943 - Next door at number 43 we see Harry's brother Bill (William Bramwell) with his wife Eunice. Harry was one of their witnesses at the Register Office wedding this year.

Photos and map are here

Millman Street

1906 - The Peterson early family was in this street at number 11. Here was Edward John Peterson (later to die in the war 1914) and his wife Alice, née Binning. Here their first two children were born, Alice Mary in 1906 who was to later marry into the Rockliffe family. Then, in 1908, came William Francis, known later as Bob.

1926 - At number 50 lived Violet Ann Kemp at the time of her marriage to Richard Edward Higgs

New North Street

1911 - The Higgs family lived here at number 15. Uncle Bill (William Bramwell Higgs) was born here in 1912.

Queens Square

Here is the church where Harry and Kitty were married in 1942. The school they attended is here.

Photos and map are here

Regent Square

At number 13 lived Edward John Peterson in 1905 aged 27. He was Kitty's father and he sadly died in the war in 1916.

Stanhope Street

At age 37, Willie Higgs lived at number 33 in 1902. This was at the time of the death of his youngest daughter Fanny who passed away at the early age of 12.

Theobalds Road

In 1880 Mary "Polly" Binning was born at number 120.

At number 130 lived eighteen-year old Betty McGrath who later married Harry Ernesst Binning

Next door at number 132 we see the Binning family. Alice, the mother was here in 1905. In 1911 we see Mary Binning who married Harry Archibald Foley And in 1932 Harry Ernest Binning was here when he married Betty McGrath.

Photos and map are here

Vere Street

Willie's younger brother Herbert Higgs lived here in 1871

Wren Street

'Big' Harry Higgs lived here with his second wife Violet Dowling. They married in 1943. In 1938 Violet lived just around the corner at 30 Orde Hall Street

The Higgs family lived in Dombey Street (previously named East Street). I visited the area in 2013 and took some photographs

Finally here is a selection of Electoral Roll entries for Kirk Street and Ely Place