Where they Lived - Higgs Family

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Archive: 323


The 1911 Census shows the Higgs family all in one room at 15 New North Street. New North Street runs north from Theobalds Road and ends in this cul-de-sac

New North street
Archive: 580 - New North Street

Archive: 561 - New North Street end



This photo and the one below show Kirk Street today: Kit and Harry lived here for a while. It is all but gone now. Here is a photo and some maps. We can see here they had moved out by 1951.

Kirk Street in 2013, looking east
Archive: 572a - Kirk Street in 2013, looking east


Archive: 572 - Kirk Street in 2013 - looking north


Archive: 592 - Dombey Street in 2013

Above is Dombey Street in 2013. In 1926 we know it was known as East Street. The Higgs and Peterson family lived here at numbers 18 & 19 from the early thirties until about 1950

East Street was renamed to Dombey Street in 1936. This date is quoted here on the website of University College London (UCL).


Archive: 692 - Number 19 Dombey Street

Archive: 691 - 18 Dombey Street

Click this 1933 Electoral Roll entry to see the people living in these two houses.

On the right is number 18. It was a three-storey house. The Petersons at No. 18 consisted of the head of the family Alice (58), (her husband Edward John was killed in 1916). We also see William (25), Kitty (23), Archibald (21), John (19).

William's wife-to-be Alice Nash was living at that time round the corner at 15 Kirk Street, aged just 17.

David Rockliffe (Pop) is also shown here, aged 30 with his wife Alice Mary (Doll), (27). They had by now been married six years.

Next door, on the left, is number 19 where we see the Hartley family and the Higgs family. The Higgs family living here in 1933 were: the head of the family Willie Higgs (68), (his wife Emma had died two years earlier), Elizabeth (29), Richard (28), Rosina (24) and William junior (28). Also we can see Richard (28) and his wife of 7 years, Violet Annie (27). They had been married for seven years and had a son Charles (5) so were likely to have been added to the Electoral Roll at this time as visitors.


Archive: 316b

Archive: ANC151

In an attempt to pin down when we moved from Ely Place I obtained these two Electoral Roll entries consecutive years, 1958 and 1959. On the right the 1959 entry shows a Colin and Marie P Grant have replaced Kit and Harry at number 28.