Frederick Willie Higgs 1907 - 1988

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Frederick was born on 16th June 1907 at 36 East Street (later Dombey Street), Holborn, London.

The funny thing is I have no memory of ever meeting this Uncle Fred! He was obviously around for a long time as he died at age 81 whilst living in New Malden in Surrey.

He appears at three and a half years of age on the 1911 Census. At that time the family are living at 15 New North Street, Theobalds Rd, Holborn W C

in 1929 at age 21 he is living at 19 East Street (later Dombey Street). From this entry we see William (42) and his wife Emma (46) and my aunt Liz (Elizabeth) (25). The entry also shows there were four families at the address.

In 1932 at age 25 he married Lilian Louise Pedder. She lived not too far away in Harrison Street, just off Grays Inn Road. It was in Harrison street where Fred's sister Annie lived. This was likely to be the Annie that married Charles Walker and whose daughter I met in 2014.

Frederick and Lilian first had a daughter. Yvonne Madeline was born in the Royal Free Hospital in July 1939 and the birth was registered in the Surrey Mid-Eastern District. At that time Fred was a milkman and the family were living at 23 Wakefield Street London.

Later in 1943 Malcolm Alan Higgs was born

"...actually one of your uncles Fred willie Higgs married a Lilian Pedder in 1932 in Holborn and my parents were very friendly with a Pedder family and I am wondering if they are the ones that knew my parents .. I know that Fred is dead know but they had 2 children Yvonne and Malcolm ... ..." - Sandra

Interestingly, I can see a Fred Higgs in the tree of Sue Dunne (Brown) on the Genes Reunited web-site.