Frides Adelaide Annie Higgs
1892 - 1978

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Frides was from Willie's first marriage so was my father Harry's step-sister

She was known as 'Nan as she disliked the name Frides. She went on to marry Charles Edward Walker.

The Walkers had three children, Charles, Dorothy and Rosina.

Young Rosina went on to marry a Edward John Hood

Their son was John Hood. He had seen this website and kindly contacted me. John said:

I was with my mother last week in Wickford and she remembers your parents but could not remember you-sorry for that!! I was born in Wickford in a holiday home owned by my grandmother Frides. She was still there when Big Harry and LILY (real name Violet Dowling) moved just nearby in a place called Crays Hill, sadly now neither properties are standing due to development.

My grandmother FRIDES ADELAIDE ANNIE HIGGS was named after her two grandmothers. She went on to marry Charles Edward Walker. Their daughter Rosina Elizabeth Walker 1930 and still alive married Edward John Hood and I am their son born 1952.” – John Hood

John's sister Ruth was Frides's granddaughter. Ruth commented on photo 776 below, in 2016, saying "...

that's my nan Fridas Adelaide Annie Higgs/Walker, I think this could be on her wedding day, although not 100% certain. I think she was only around 18 when she married. A fiery little woman that stood her ground and ruled the home with a rod of iron. Of course she was an old lady when I knew her and had mellowed a bit by then . She had all night parties and loved games and dancing, I'm sure I have pictures with your mum dancing at one of these 'dos' I will find them," Ruth Hood

Frides, possibly on her wedding day
Archive: 776