Lilian Maud Curtis 1913 -

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Archive: ANC034 - Kitty on the right

Lilian was the wife of Kitty’s brother Archibald. Archibald (Arch) and their daughter Yvonne, were both killed in the war

In 1937 Lilian was living, with her family, at 15 Bingfield Street (see 989 & 479 below). She married that year and this was the house that was hit by a doodlebug in 1942 killing her husband Arch and their little daughter Yvonne

She later re-married. The entry in the 1939 Register [989] shows the Curtis family. See Archibald’s entry later for more details

In 2021 I found details on talbot's tree) of Lilian's new family. See marriage certificate below

In 1948 Lilian married for the second time, to John Walsh, and they were blessed with three children, Christopher, Michael and Elizabeth

Lilian Curtis new family
Archive: 980 Lilians new family
Archive: ANC050 - Lilian with Yvonne