Yvonne Ann Peterson 1940 - 1943

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Archive: ANC079 - Yvonne

Died very young in the war

This photo shows her as a pretty blonde haired girl.  On 1st December 1943, while at home, a bombing raid killed her father Archibald outright while Yvonne died on the way to the hospital.  She is buried in Islington Cemetery, plot 21124 O10

All bombs that fell on London are shown at http://bombsight.org

Archive: 313

I recently obtained Yvonne's death certificate and we see she died, not at Bingfield Street, but  at 76a Liverpool Road.  Maybe she was taken there and shortly after, died there?

Here's a further  mystery.  The certificate  shows the informant of the death to be an F Sullivan of 111 King Henrys Road N.W.3

There are no Sullivans in our family history so maybe he was a family friend or even maybe the fire warden who was at the scene of the bombing?

But if you look closer you will see he has given that he is her uncle...so who was he?

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