At Southend-on-Sea

Southend-on-Sea is of interest only because Kitty, her mother and her sister are photographed there - see their photos at the bottom of this page

The two early photo's of Southend-on-Sea pier, were found for me by Phil at He sent the accompanying text:

"Thank you for your interest in History House and for your question. You are quite right about it being Southend. The building you can see in the background is the pier (ANC032a and ANC082 below). You can make out people walking along it. The roofing you can see is the train station for the railway which runs along the pier.

I refer to two photographs from the Frith website.

The first is 1898. As you will discover, the sea came up farther that it does now. You will see under the board walk some of the distinctive windows in your Aunt’s photographs. I’ve marked where you aunt would have sat in later decades.

Later the council carried out land reclamation and laid out a leisure garden by the pier. The pier had also been changed quite a bit. See 1955 photograph which I’ve again marked as a approximate location for the photograph of your Aunt. The area is now an amusement park called Peter Pan’s.

Hope this fits in with your time line."
Archive: 1026 - The Pier
Archive: 1025 - The Pier again

Mary with baby Renee
Archive: ANC032a - Mary with baby Renee
Kitty looking dapper
Archive: ANC084 - Kitty looking dapper

Alice Mary with baby Renee and her mum
Archive: ANC032 - Alice Mary with baby Renee and her mum