Same Time or Place...

Photos likely taken at the same time or place

Foley's and Higgs family
Archive: ANC025

Left: L-R, Aunt Polly, unknown boy, Mary Binning , Alice M Rockliffe, Harry Foley , Kitty Higgs, William F Peterson (Uncle Bob) Right: L-R, Archie Foley, Alice M Rockliffe, Aunt Polly, Kitty Higgs and 'POP' Rockliffe

Archie Foley and family
Archive: 673
Kitty Mary David Renee
Archive: 667

Left: At the seaside, L-R, Alice M Rockliffe and Kitty and in front are young David Rockliffe in his pram and sister Renee Rockliffe

Kitty Mary David Renee
Archive: ANC106
Pop wife and young Renee
Archive: 676

"Pop" Rockliffe, his young daughter Renee, aged about ten,  and her mother Alice Mary nee (Peterson)

Pop wife and young Renee in deckchairs
Archive: 685
kitty and group
Archive: 683

Alice Mary and Kitty with a very young Uncle John at the far right. Not sure who the two lads at the back are

kitty and group
Archive: 682
kitty and group
Archive: 744

A policeman just inside Harpur Mews, which is directly off Dombey Street. Dombey Street is where the Higgs and Peterson families lived for many years.  On the right we see it in 2013

kitty and group
Archive: 319