Sarah Susanna Rosson 1880 -

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Sarah and Winifred
Archive: 460a Sarah Rosson and daughter Winifred
Sarah was the sister of Emma Georgina Rosson

She married an Albert Ernest Jones and they had one child, Winifred Aurora Jones

Winifred's daughter Sue has been in touch with me with the following

"...My grandma, Sarah married Albert Ernest Jones in 1912. My Mum was Winifred Aurora Jones (an only child born December 1912) and my Dad was William (Bill) Thomas Brown. So my maiden name was Brown. By the way, who was the lady in the top left-hand corner of your website? She has similar eyes to my Mum. I’ve attached a photo of her with Sarah plus one of Win on her own in 1931, which feel free to use..." - Sue (April 2017)

Archive: 508 Winifred Aurora