Mary Ann East Junior 1859 - 1933

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Mary and her mother share the same name! So I'll call this Mary, the younger one, Junior or Jnr for short

Mary Ann Jnr married at the young age of 21 to Edward Higgs It seems this was Edward's second marriage.

In the 1881 Census below, we see the East family. Mary Ann Jnr is living with her parents at 14 George Street, Hammersmith, which is the address on her marriage certificate showing that her husband-to-be Edward likely moved into George Street with the family after his marriage to Mary Ann Jnr

The 1891 Census shows Mary Ann Jnr at 31, with her two children Edward and Elizabeth. Also appearing is John C aged 6. Finally there is Mary Ann's mother, also Mary Ann, a widow. All at 16 Stebbing Street.

In the 1901 Census Mary Ann Jnr is shown as Mary N. Also living there are her children Edward and Elizabeth along with her mother, Mary Ann, now 61 years of age. Not sure what happened to Mary Ann Jnr's husband Edward. Nor is there any sign of young John C who by now would be 16