Frederick Joseph Archer 1881 - 1965

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Frederick married Kitty's aunt Emma Maria Peterson (Emma was Kitty's father's sister). Below is the wedding photo of Frederick and Emma.  They later had a son Edmund

At the moment neither Frederick or Edmund have been added to the Family Tree

You can see the Archer family in the 1939 Register here

Frederick J Archers wedding
Archive: 638  [Courtesy of  Sarah Mackay ]

Members of the Archer family gathering for a meal
Archive: 950  [Courtesy of  Sarah Mackay ]

"The above occasion was some sort of family party, but I don’t know any details. It looks as if they have enjoyed a bite to eat and a glass of sherry and some of the ladies are wearing sprigs of lily of the valley. I don’t think it’s a wedding party but could perhaps be a party to celebrate a silver wedding or maybe the end of WW2." Sarah Mackay

Members of the Archer family gathering for a meal, close-up of Fred, Em, Ethel and Harry
Archive: 956  [Courtesy of  Sarah Mackay ]

Here is a close-up of the above picture, showing the people standing at the back. From left to right I think they are Fred Archer, Emma, my step grandmother Ethel and my Grandad Harry Archer (his first wife Mabel, my grandmother, died in the 1918 flu epidemic). Sarah Mackey

Archive:  1891 Census, his wife to be, Emma, is 9 [556], 1911 Census 803, 1918 Electoral Roll living at 86 Larch Road 806, 1939 Electoral Roll [805 ], Probate Register entry for Joseph 804