Harry's War Record

Africa Star medal

Here are two of the five medals Harry received - Africa Star with Eighth Army clasp (above) and the 1939 - 1945 War Medal (below)

Of the few memories he recounted, were the tremendous barrage of guns at Alamein and the 'mad' Scots marching into battle to the sound of bagpipes

And then, later, on a ship bound for Italy, when the announcement came over the speaker that Italy had surrendered "everyone cheered"

World War Two medal

Harry served with The Sherwood Foresters

Here is the letter accompanying my receipt of his medals

This letter explains the medals are issued once only

A brief two-page description of The Sherwood Foresters time in WWII

Dates and details of his service


Jul 1 Deemed to have been enlisted on this date to 50th (Holding) Bn. The Sherwood Foresters

Dec 11-17 At Keighley, north of Bradford - On leave with RA/SLRRation Allowance/Standard Local Rate Ration Allowance


Feb 17 Passed test Cook Class II

Mar 13-19 On leave with RA/SLR

Apr 26-27 On Leave

Jun 5-11 At Ockley, on Leave

Sep 12-18 On Leave

Sep 24 Passed local test to be a Cook, upgraded to Class I

Oct 18-19 At Chiddingfold. On Leave

Dec 11-17 On Leave

Dec 5 to 12 On Leave


Apr 18 Married Kitty

May 8 Embarked for overseas

Jul 1 to 27 First Battle of El Alamein

Jul 18 Dis-embarked for MEF (Mediterranean Expeditionary Force)

Nov 1 Granted Cooks Pay First Class

Oct 2 to Nov 11 Second Battle of El Alamein

Dec 28 Compulsorily transferred to ACC (Army Catering Corps) in rank of Private


Jan 1 Transferred from M.E.F. to PAIFORCE Persia Iraq Force

Jan 5 Entered PAIFORCE

May 8 To MEF from PAIFORCE

May 29 GPB (?) Class II

Aug 1 Posted to BNAF British North Africa Force

Sep 8 Italy surrenders

Sep 10 14th Battalion Sherwood Foresters Class 1A


Jan 1 Award date mustred Stead [sic]

Nov 14 Posted to P/A 384 Coy RASC (Army Tpt) Royal Army service Corps

Nov 20 ADM II Gen Hosp p posted X(2)

Dec 5 Transferred to 95 Gen. Hosp, Awarded Eigth Army clasp


Jan 8 disch Hosp. to RASCTD and posted X(4)

Jan 16 SOS X(4) P/A to 384 Coy RASC (Apt) SOS Struck off Strenth - left the unit

Aug 1 left unit? 24.7.45 DID RASC Detail issue Depot

Sep 4 Rejoined Unit from Leave Evt MedAll


Dec 15 P/A to HQ 87 Grp PNR Corps Pioneer Corps


Jan 1 SOS CMF to MEF - TOS from CMF TOS - taken on strength - joined unit

Jan 2 Back to M.E.F

Jan 18 Medically examined prior to release, found fit for further service

Feb 19 Posted to X(VIII)A Release

Mar 6 "Home" until June 16

Jun 17 Released to class Z(T) Terr. Army reserve


Sep 8 Discharged from Reserve Liability

Harry's Army records.

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Territorial Army record of service
Archive: 448
Territorial Army - Record of Service Paper - This shows Harry's details when he enlisted

Territorial Army record of service
Archive: 449 
Territorial Army - Record of Service Paper Shows a summary of his service and includes a pencil comment suggesting his medals were undelivered. They must have been eventually delivered as I saw them and have included their photos on this page.

Territorial Army record of service3
Archive: 450
Statement of the Services

Army discharge paper
Archive: 451
Statement of the Services

Army Casualty Form
Archive: 452
Service and Casualty Form

Army Casualty Form 2
Archive: 453
Service and Casualty Form

Army Casualty Form 3
Archive: 454
Service and Casualty Form

Army Casualty Form 4
Archive: 455
Service and Casualty Form

Army Release form
Archive: 456
Notification of Impending Release

For completeness, here are my hand-written summaries of the above pages

Note 1, Note 2, Note 3