Edward Albert Rockliffe 1892 - 1962

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Archive:880 [Courtesy of Peter Rockliffe]

Edward was the son of William F Rockliffe and Margaret Keast

He was the elder brother of David T Rockliffe. David T was David Rockliffe's father

The picture shows Edward and Rose in 1958 on board ship "Empress of France" and on the passenger list, bound for Canada[847]

Photo 749 shows Ted's two children Mabel and Albert

Archive: 1939 Register, Edward, Rose and young Albert in 1939 At 19 Ditton House, Hackney [846], 1926 at Sutton Dwellings [851], Electoral Roll entry for 1953 in Goswell Rd [312], photo annotated "Cousin Albert and Mabel" [749],

Birth Marriage Death
14th January 1892 12th February 1921 1962