Kitty's Photos

Lloyds factory day out
Archive: ANC002
Kitty worked at the 'tobacco factory'. I think it was at the end of Leather Lane and may have actually been Lloyds.

Kitty is on the far right above the man and she is wearing a brooch at her neck.
Archive: ANC158
Maybe another trip to Felixstowe? Kitty is third from the right
Archive: ANC038
I remember Kit talking about here friend Lily Love and her she is
Kit sitting precariously on seaside railings
Archive: 813

Kitty at the seaside. Unfortunately no clue as to where this might be. But I think we can see WWII beach defences (see next picture) in the sand behind her which places the date at round 1939 or a few years either side

WWII beach defences

Archive: 349

Kitty was born in 1910 so the hand-written date on this photo (1940) would show she is 30 when it was taken