William Francis Peterson 1908 - 1977

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Kitty’s brother. We always knew him as Uncle Bob and everybody called him Bob. The second of five children, William took his middle name Francis from his mother’s father Francis Binning.

He married Alice Nash and latterly lived in Thornton Heath

My English teacher always said 'nice' was a poor descriptive word but everyone who knew Bob said what a nice man he was, and it was true.

At Bob's wedding, his sister Kitty attended as bridesmaid. Later in life Alice was once a 'lollipop lady'.

They had two girls, Iris and Valerie.

William died at the Whittington Hospital, south London.

Bob's granddaughter Sadie has kindly sent me this family tree

Archive: Nice wedding photo [396], three cooks![392], Bob is on the left [680], with Alice [678], Linda, Peter, Iris and Valerie in bowls! [668], at Iris's wedding mid-sixties [665], Bob in uniform with Alice [748], with Kirsten and Amanda [541], Bob with Kirsten and dog Timmy [701], Bob & Alice with wedding cake [807], family on the beach [824]

Birth Marriage Death
11th January 1908 021 021a 14th February 1942 122 1977 223