John Frederick Peterson 1914 - 1965

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Archive: 462 [Courtesy of Sadie Shuka]

My Uncle John was the youngest of the five children and was Kitty's brother

Kitty said once "John was a happy-go lucky character who loved to gamble on the the "dogs".  He would often go out on a Friday after being paid and gamble away all his money!"

He lived with Pat for more than twenty years but it is believed they never married or had children.

But although we always understood they were never married, at the trial after his death Pat gave her name as Agnes Jane Peterson and was described as his widow. See the newspaper archive link below...

We believe Pat returned to Ireland.

In the summer of 2017 I was able to go back to Bognor and search the newspaper archives from that time

Archive: 1939, at 18 Dombey Street [870], Killed by car [617], with Kit and Mary [682], with Aunty Pat [686], at Parliament Hill Lido [689], Lido again [687, 688, 811]

Birth Marriage Death
26th November 1914 007 Never married, BUT here's the mystery...

5th September 1965 219

Probate 219a