Edward John Peterson 1878 - 1916.

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Edward John Peterson
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Edward was Kitty's father and died in WW1. Edward had five children, Kate Amelia(Kitty), Archibald, Alice Mary Doll), William Francis (Bob) and the youngest, John Frederick

In 1881 he lived at 2 Dibbly Court, Bristol.  Born in Bristol (Wotton-under-Edge, north-east of Bristol), Edward is my maternal grandfather.  According to Kitty “his mother was a lady's companion with a position in Hastings”.  In 1905 at the age of 26, he married Alice Binning.  Her father Francis Binning was Scottish and had his own antiques and picture framing business. Alice Binning 1875 - 1959?

Alice Binning's sister was my Aunt Polly whose real name was Mary!  This is why the first child was named Alice Mary.  I remember Aunt Polly.  She had one eye.  She died while she was living some flats near Dombey Street.

Edward was killed in WW1 while serving in the West Yorkshire Regiment.  He is buried in Spoilbank Cemetery Belgium After his death all his medals went to Uncle John and when he died, we think Auntie Pat gave them away.

The original marriage certificate which my mother had in her possession is here

He was awarded a War Gratuity. See here what this means, and below for the image of his entry in the Soldiers Effects Register

Foley's and Higgs family
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Foley's and Higgs family
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Archive: Bedminster birth-place [374], At age 22 in 1901 [663], Victory Medal [301], British War Medal [302], Register of Soldier's Effects shows his wife Alice as "Sole Legatee" [799], War Pension [982]

15th September 1878 006
17th October 1905 102
22nd February 1916 581 Army copy 216