Charles Christian Peterson 1885 - 1955

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picture of Charles C Peterson
Archive: 979   [Courtesy of Libbi Peterson]

Fourth child of Edward Laurence Peterson and Mary Turner. He was baptised in 1885.

He married a Mary Polly Crowley in Jan-Feb-Mar 1908 aged 22 and had a son Edward Christian, born April 1908!

In 1922, age 37, we find him in the records of the St. Pancras Workhouse, either Admitted or Discharged. However, the record shows his wife as Emily whom he did not marry until 14 years later.

1936 he finally married Emma Violet Gurney at the age of 51, and had five children (according to the asaph) tree on

Archive: 978
Here are three of the children, left to right: Robert Charles, Edward James and Cissie,


detail of charles christian peterson from 1939 Register
Archive: 876a
Looking at the 1939 Register left (and below as 876) he is shown as a Printer and possibly a Bag Filler. By this time he had been married to his second wife Emma for three years, but she does not appear on the Register with him

Archive: 1891 Census [556], 1901 Census [663], 1922 possible Workhouse admission [867], 1935 Electoral Roll [954], 1939 Register [876], 1956 Probate Entry [371], Baptism [373], info [802]

Jul-Aug-Sep 1885 370
1st March 1908 142a and 1936 372
Oct-Nov-Dec 1955 234