Lilian Louise Pedder 1912 - 1976

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In 1932, at the young age of twenty, she married my Uncle Fred.  Fred was a milkman and it seems her father was also a milkman!  She lived in Harrison Street, just off Grays Inn Road.

Cousin Rosina may have told me Lilian Pedder was known as Cissy.

Sue Brown referred to the Pedder family thus:

you may be able to help me actually one of your uncles Fred Willie Higgs married a Lilian Pedder in 1932 in Holborn and my parents were very friendly with a Pedder family and I am wondering if they are the ones that knew my parents .. I know that Fred is dead know but they had 2 children Yvonne and Malcolm ...

Archive: 1911 census [645], Probate entry [828]

Birth Marriage Death
Summer 1912 593 25th December 1932 112 112 smaller image March 1976 743