Kate Amelia Peterson - Where she lived

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This page shows everywhere she lived with the occasional comment. The people's ages for the year are shown in brackets

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1910 Born, opposite Great Ormond Street Hospital at number 51
1911 Aged just 10 months, home now at 132 Theobalds Road. This is where the Binning family have their picture framing business, also they were at 130 Theobalds Road

Kate's father Edward John Peterson from Bristol, is married to Alice, née Binning. They have been married for six years. They have two other children, Alice Mary, Kate's elder sister(4), and William Francis(3) her brother.

1911 Also at 132 Theobalds Road this year we see the Binning family business. Ernest Binning(33) is married to Maud Binning née Rowley(35) and we see Harry E 'nonty' Binning(2 months). Finally there is Mary Binning(30) who I knew as my Aunt Polly. It was this year Mary went on to marry Harry Archibald Foley
1933 Kate(23) and family at 18 Dombey Street. 'Pop' Rockliffe(33) and his wife Alice (Kate's sister, 30) are also living here, having married in 1927
1938 Here we now see Kate(28) with her brothers Bob(30), Arch(26) and John(24). her elder sister Mary(32) has now married for six years to David T Rockliffe(35) and they both also live at number 18
1946 Kate(36) now married for four years and living with husband Harry(31) at 18 Dombey Street together with her mother Alice(71) and younger brother John(32)
1947 Last year at 18 Dombey Street
1948 Kate(38) and Harry(33) now at 18 Kirk Street
1950 Last year at Kirk Street
1952 Kate(42) and Harry(37) in a small flat at 28 Ely Place
1956 Still at Ely Place
1958 Last year at Ely Place