William Bramwell Higgs 1912 - 1996

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Eunice and Bill

Archive: ANC013

My uncle Bill. I cannot recall much about him.  I know he lived in Swanage, Dorset

This is the only photo I have.  He is with his wife Eunice. There is a short message, likely written by Eunice, on the rear of this photo

Bill's family were living at 15 New North Street when he was born.

At age 31 whilst in the Army he married Eunice Ellen Rowan in 1943.

At that time he was living at 43 Lambs Conduit Street which is just around the corner from his parents in Dombey street.

Bill died aged 84 whilst living in Swanage, Dorset. 

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Archive: 1939 at Dombey Street [870], 1946 at Wray Crescent [307], Letter advising of Bill's death [305,305b], 1959 at Wray Crescent [334]

Birth Marriage Death
19th April 1912 008 Baptism 062 24th July 1943 111 19th December 1996 204