David Thomas (Pop) Rockliffe - Where he lived

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1911 David(8) with his parents at 8 Edward Street, London
1926 15 Skipwith Buildings, David(23)
1927 David(23) marries Alice Mary Rockliffe(20)
1928 David shown without Mary
1929 Still at 15 Skipwith
1931 Uncle Dave is born at 15 Skipwith Buildings
1932 Final year at Skipwith Buildings
1933 Now living at 18 East street with the Peterson family
1934 Still at East Street
1936 At East Street

Final year (that I have found...) for David & Mary at 18 East Street (Later renamed as Dombey Street)

1946 204 Hornsey Road David(43) and Mary(40)
1947 3 Owens Row, Finsbury, London. Alice Mary died this year on 14th July
1948 10 Rawstorne Buildings, Islington, London, we see David(45) alone after his wife Alice has died. Young Dave was age 17
1949 Dombey Street with Kitty, Dave(18) was married this year to Mary Elizabeth Savage
1950 David and new wife Mary (née Gouldesbrough) at 10 Rawstorne Buildings


David and Mary at 10 Rawstorne Buildings

1962 'Pop' and Mary Rockliffe in Hermitage Buildings
1984 David died