Binning, Mary (Polly) 1880 - 1957

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Aunt Polly and family
Archive: ANC025
Mary was the daughter of Francis Binning, and was Kitty’s aunt.

It seems she was also known as "Aunt Polly" by Kitty and my Uncle Dave.

In the 1911 census (taken on the nights of 3rd and 4th April) we see Mary at 30, living with her brother Ernest and his wife Maud - and baby "nonty" Binning at age 2 months.

After her 31st birthday in July of 1911, at the age of 31, she married Harry Foley.

If we assume Kitty is about 20 in this photo then it was taken in 1930 when Mary would have been 50.

The people in the photo are, from the left, Aunt Polly, unknown young boy, Mary Binning, Kitty's sister Alice Mary Peterson (Doll), Harry Foley, Kitty, William Francis Peterson (Uncle Bob).

Archive: 1891 Census [727], 1911 Census [644], On beach with Uncle Dave [ANC095], with Harry Foley? [673], in deckchair with Alice Mary Binning(Doll) and unknown boy [674], on beach with baby Renee, Polly being the aunt of Alice Mary [ANC092]

Birth Marriage Death
26th July 1880 019 11th November 1911 118 24th September 1957 215