Binning, Francis 1825 - 1909

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Shown as Frank Binning in the 1861 Census.

Francis (possible middle name Edward) was Kitty’s maternal grandfather.  All I recall Kitty telling me was he had his own business.  The business was as a picture-frame maker. In the 1871 census he appears as “Glass and Picture Frame Maker employing six men and two boys”. Barnden, Griffin and Packer are shown as Lodgers.  There is also the Tucker family.  Finally we see Eliza Green who may be the mother of further children with Francis.  One of the children, Alice M, is likely to be my Grandmother!

He married firstly Sophia Edwards.  On his marriage certificate his father, Richard, is shown as Servant, Deceased.
In the 1891 Census we can see Kitty’s mum Alice Mary aged 16

Timeline of Binning’s business: He had four sons, Frank 1857-1920, Albert 1862-1924, Harry 1872-1910 and Ernest “nonty” Binning 1911-1990.
Francis handed over the business to his two youngest sons Harry and Ernest and they traded as H & E Binning.
Harry died young at 38.  nonty Binning went on to run the business, one time employing 17 men.  He eventually handed it over to his son Peter (1936-2005).

The business finally went to long-time customer Joseph McCarthy

I'm not sure where I got his birth date from as shown below as I would normally place a link there, to the birth certificate or Index enrty for the birth. We know he was 35 yrs of age in the 1861 Census so a birth year of 1825 nor 1826 seems correct.

Archive: 1835 Electoral Roll (right-hand page, final entry) [363], 1861 Census [641], 1871 Census [583b and as an employer 583a], 1885 Electoral Roll [376], 1891 Census [727], 1901 Census [585] [585a], 1911 Census Summary [662], Probate entry [647], entry on [407], note from smiderlich showing how she is connected [661]

Birth Marriage Death
10th December 1825 (see final sentence above) 17th July 1853 119 23rd february 1909 648 – also see smavor's family tree on