Binning, Ernest 1878 - 1960

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Ernest Binning

Archive: 390

1934 Trade Directory entry for Binning shop

Archive: 660

Ernest was the son of Francis Edward Binning. ┬áHis birth was registered as the son of Amelia Green! Make of that what you will by checking out the family tree link above and the birth links in the footer below. After his father’s death he ran the picture frame business, at one time employing 17 employees, until 1913.

Ernest eventually passed the business on to his son Harry Ernest “Nonty” Binning.

The 1934 Directory entry on the left shows where Devonshire street starts. It does not exist now.

I think it has been renamed to Boswell Street, see below

map showing where Devonshire street was

Archive: 658

Archive: 657
Archive: 1871 Census [583a, 583b] - Business premises [357] - 1911 Census at 132 Theobalds Road (644) 1931 Telephone Directory entry [596], 1921 Hughes Business Directory [659], 1939 at 23 Claremont Square [869]

Birth Marriage Death
7th February 1878 709 076   1960 NPG story