Iris Frances Peterson 1947 -

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Iris Peterson with her bridesmaids
ANC134 Valerie, Iris and friend

Iris was the eldest daughter of Uncle Bob

Here we see her on her wedding day in 1968. Her younger sister Valerie is on the left.

She married Michael Steward and they had two children. Sadly, Michael passed away at a young age.

Iris later married Anthony R Ford

anthony with fish

Archive: 1947 Iris as baby (says Uncle Dave) [ANC052], as a toddler [700], rear of ANC052 [539], Iris with her sister Valerie, me and Sam circa 1960 [ANC140], bouffant hair [546], Great picture of everyone at Iris wedding given to me by Peter Rockliffe [665], 'Pop' and Mary at the wedding [575], with Amanda & Kirsten [432], Anthony R Ford [535, 536], Second marriage, close-up [699], Second marriage, group [780]