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Harry Ernest "nonty" Binning 1911 - 1990a

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Harry was the son of Ernest Binning. After his father’s death he ran the picture frame business. In this picture we see Harry in the arms of his mother Maud. Harry was born in the Holborn district in 1911 and married Betty McGrath in the same district in 1932. They had children Bryan in 1933 and Peter in 1937, both born in the Holborn district. A third child, Stephen was a "blue baby" and died shortly after birth. Harry Binning started running the business before the Second World War and continued working in the shop until his death in 1990

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Archive: 750 - [Courtesy of David E Rockliffe]

These fine fellows are The Finsbury Rangers football club and we can see many of our wider family members here. First on the left is David (Pop) Rockliffe; Next to him is Ted Rockliffe; Third from the left is David E Rockliffe; Fifth from the left is Albert White; Eighth from the left is Peter Binning; Twelth from the left is John Peterson and finally at the far right is Harry 'nonty' Binning