Edward Higgs Junior 1851 - 1922

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First child of Edward Higgs and Adelaide Rowe Hull. He appears age 10 in the 1861 Census but by 1871 he is 20 and does not appear in that year's Census. This because he has moved out and is now a lodger at a house in Brewer Street,  See below.

Looks like he had a second marriage, at age 30, to a Mary Ann East in 1881 because his marriage certificate below shows him at that time as a widower. Seems a child was born a year later, a daughter, Elizabeth Mary Ann Higgs.

The 1901 Census does not show him, he would be aged 50 by this time

Archive: Census 1851 Edward is one month old [563], 1861 29 Penton Place, Newington [793] 1871 [560], Edward as a lodger, 20, in Brewer Street [890, 890b], 1901 Census [903, 903a]

Birth Marriage Death
4th August 1851 437, 514 Baptism 065 11th April 1881 148 149 April 1922 889, 244